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DON'T LOOK BACK/MUST LOOK BACK Devised Work with text by Tanya Palmer

World Premiere

October 20 – November 19, 2017, Pivot Arts
An Intimate Experience for 16 People per showing.


Performance tours begin at Chinese Mutual Aid Association. DON’T LOOK BACK/MUST LOOK BACK is a site-specific performance experience in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Audience members are taken on an immersive journey inspired by the stories and experiences of Uptown residents, many of who came to Chicago as refugees. DON’T LOOK BACK/MUST LOOK BACK will feature Christopher Acevedo, Samantha Beach, Lucy Carapetyan, Phyllis Liu, Sarah Lo, Ashlyn Lozano, Edward Mawere andJin Park. The performance is inspired by stories of escape and loss from local residents who fled their countries and arrived here to make Uptown their home – and the systems and people that they’ve encountered along the way. Blending movement, images and storytelling, Don’t Look Back/Must Look Back brings audiences into the experience of making a home in a place where everything is unfamiliar and the sands are constantly shifting beneath your feet. The performance features images from photography exhibit WHEN HOME WON’T LET YOU STAY by photojournalist, James Bowey.

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